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kristen ballou

studio pottery.

"Formal complexity is not an index of richness of content"

                                                              L. Alloway


I use a variety of stoneware clays and porcelain, high fired to cone 10, in oxidation and (sometimes) reduction and salt/soda fired. I am enamored by glaze, clay texture and character of each, and spend considerable time exploring  further, with each piece made.

available work.

artist statement.

Image 8-16-20 at 10.47 PM.jpeg

I like to create studio ceramics that have the essence of making a singular statement, a glimmer of beauty, and either put into practical use or merely touched, looked at and responded to. Pottery is ‘of the ground’ wet mud, dry clay, coaxed and worked by hands, fired in high heat, and enduring. Used in the everyday, handmade pottery makes the everyday that much sweeter. The sometimes simple objects of the regular goings-on of life, are what we gauge our routines, our comforts, our existence. They are hardly unimportant, they are tiny markers, between style and sensibility that signify our being here. In my ceramics work, each piece is truly coming from my hands, placed into yours.

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